Live in a hotel, 
live better

Living in a hotel has never been so affordable and easy. Live in the best ocations of the world, receiving luxury services and 
take your life to the next step

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Why you should live in a hotel

Peace and relax

Spa, sauna,  full equiped gyms, swimming pools, WIFI, laundry service, restaurants, security, parking... Having all these services to your dispposal has never been so easy than now


Hotels usually are placed in most extraordinary locations of each city, where renting is nearly impossible. Now you can live whatever you want 


One month or one year, it is always your election. No payment in advance needed. You can leave whenever you want

Discover the Balearic Islands

Hometel launches its service in a paradise, the Balearic Islands.  A combination of relax, nature, high-quality gastronomy
and peace. Make a change in your life and r ent your hometel now

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