Live in a hotel,
improve your life

Living in a hotel has never been so affordable and easy. Live in the best ocations of the world, receiving luxury services and take your life to the next step

Why you should live in a hotel

Save time

Arrive at your accommodation and find everything ready. With cleaning and laundry services, you won’t have to worry about your room or your clothes. When it comes to food, enjoy the best restaurants with exclusive discounts for long-term residents. 


Peace and relax

Spa, sauna, gym, swimming pool, WIFI, laundry service, restaurants, security, parking… Having all these services at your disposal has never been easier than it is today.


Hotels are located in the best neighbourhoods and streets of each city, where it is practically impossible to find a rental. Living in a hotel, you can live wherever you want.

Comfort and flexibility

One month or one year, it’s always your choice. No contracts or deposits. You can leave whenever you want with minimum notice. Therefore, it is a perfect option for business people, temporary stays for works or sales and divorces.

Ask for information

Request information without obligation. We will contact you within 48 hours and send you the best offers based on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fundamentally, living in a hotel gives you more time for yourself. When you get home, you will find everything clean, sheets changed, clothes washed and ready to rest. You will be able to go to the gym, go to the swimming pool or have a SPA session just by going downstairs, whenever you want without limits. If you have food service included, you will have breakfast, lunch and dinner 365 days a year. There are no deposits or permanences, nor extra expenses such as electricity, water or WIFI. 

In general, living in a hotel is more expensive than living in a conventional rental. However, the offer is not the same. The hotel offers you many additional services within the price, flexibility of check-in and check-out, better time management and a fundamental factor, the location. For example, a hotel in the centre of Barcelona is cheaper than renting a flat in the same location with cleaning, gym, security and parking. 

It depends. At HOMETEL we work with hotels and aparthotels. Normally, aparthotels have a kitchen and therefore offer more independence, but hotels do not. In the latter case, hotels usually have restaurants and offer exclusive discounts for long-term clients.

It depends. Aparthotels sometimes have a washing machine and dryer, while hotels do not. However, both usually offer laundry services, whereby your clothes will be washed X times a week, the conditions of which depend on each offer. 

Contact us and tell us what you are looking for. We have the necessary contacts to facilitate the search for the hotels that best suit your needs. We will then arrange a visit (optional), and if you agree, we will sign a standard rental contract, exactly the same as when contracting a conventional hotel.